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New TV Series – The Motorhome Channel!


Producers of The Caravan Channel launch brand new TV series – The Motorhome Channel!

For those that missed it, July 9th saw the first outing of the eagerly anticipated TV series, the Motorhome Channel, and you guessed it – it’s all about the world of Motorhomes! But don’t worry if you didn’t catch it, you can watch one of the repeats on Friday, Saturday or Sunday!

The team that brings you Caravan Channel have spent the last few months travelling the length and breadth of the country to bring you the latest news and reviews from the world of motorhomes. Since ‘new’ Caravan Channel was re-badged and re-launched in January 2011, the programme has covered both caravans and motorhomes. As the Caravan Channel audience ballooned in size, the clamour from caravanners and motorhomers wanting their own dedicated programme also grew to a point that couldn’t be ignored.

The Motorhome Channel will be fronted by motorhome expert and audience favourite, Andy Harris. Meanwhile, the Caravan Channel will have an extra caravan review in every episode, with recently-returned Phil Widdows at the helm.
Both TV shows will have new channel numbers and broadcast times to reflect their growing popularity, so be sure to note the following or risk missing these amazing shows made just for you!

Caravan Channel, followed directly by Motorhome Channel will broadcast on Information TV (SKY 212, Freesat 402 & Online) at the new times of Monday at 8pm, Friday 5.30pm, Saturday 10.30am & Sunday 8pm.